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YFB Newsletter 4st issue-13 September 2014.pdfEditorial
Road accident cases seem to be increasing at a high rate, despite the fact we have modern and scientific rules and regulation for road safety. Lots of people are losing their life in road  accidents. In a country like ours poor roads, ill-managed vehicles, improper and rash driving, highway being the sites for  play of children and inadequate teaching of traffic rules to  drivers and pedestrian as well as its inadequate incorporation  in school curriculum are the major root causes leading to increased road accidents. Narrow and poor conditions of roads
are likely to be a headache for the mass. In most of the cases,  drivers are held responsible for the accident but this is not the
truth. Pedestrian or the poor roads or lack of traffic lights are also to be blamed. The public doesn’t feel secured while travelling on roads even though Traffic Police has been running several programs to control these accidents. It’s high time to think seriously and take strong steps to prevent these accidents else everyday a family will be losing their beloved ones.  Moreover, drinking alcohol and driving vehicles also leads to
major accidents. To a surprise, the cases related to it are at a  rise though Traffic Police has launched campaigns to stop it. Its  ignorance and carelessness of the people that these cases are  increasing day by day. Moreover, high speed vehicles and lack  of zebra crossing are also the causes behind. Hence, existing laws must be strictly implemented. A curriculum regarding the  use of traffic rules must be included at school level. Different  programs must be organized at community level to increase the awareness level among the people.

Jwala Dahal
Editor, YFB Newsletter

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