On 30th of Mangsir 2071 YFB (Jhapa) in coordination with “Damak Shahitik Manch” had organized Volunteer Leadership Training (VLT). The training was sponsored by Divine Hub Educational Institute. YFB has been organizing such trainings on every 3 months to train our volunteers and other youths from different background. The Leadership Training was of 3 days; 2 days of indoor training and 1 day of outdoor training. The training consisted of 105 participants from vivid background. On the first two days of the training, Nabin Prachin, Beshraj Neupane, Damber Nepali and Saroj Karki took sessions to train and motivate the participants regarding the skills needed to be a successful leader. Susmita Rajbansi was the coordinator of the indoor session of VLT. Similarly, on the third day of VLT, participants were taken for outdoor training session to Satashidham on hiking. “This outdoor session was conducted to teach the participants about social volunteering. There were 150 participants and we collected the waste that were on our way and disposed it later.” said Gaurav Rai, coordinator of the outdoor session of VLT.

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