Blood_Bag_IconThe dearth of blood is increasing day by day. Nearly about 479 pints of blood is needed everyday throughout the country among which only 178 pints of blood are donated. This scarcity of blood is predominantly due to inadequate knowledge of blood donation among the mass. We still have a state where a child from the same mother doesn’t want to donate blood to his own mother. Lack of advocacy from Nepal Red Cross Society regarding the increment of blood donors, coordinate  blood donation programs and awareness campaigns are also some of the major root cause for the scarcity of blood. Lack of strong will power to implement the policies made, lack of prerequisites of development are   some of the other reasons behind. Recently, Nepal Red Cross Society had celebrated its 100th  year of establishment where stakeholders from different background took part. But the celebration doesn’t seem to  have pleased the public.  Nepal Red Cross Society has  not been able to make significant progress as expected. Blood banks don’t have well-equipped labs, proper management, skilled manpower and donor-friendly facilities. The administration too seems to have turned their deaf ears towards these demands. Behind all these, Youth For Blood appears to have made a remarkable presence in this field and also seems successful to some extent to fulfill the blood demands. The devotion of the volunteers towards their work and outstanding support from the well-wishers has set the path for the success but the organization yet has a journey to make.


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