Fresh Blood Donation

blood-donorBasically, facilitating fresh blood to the patient is Youth For Blood’s major daily work. When someone is not able to arrange fresh blood for his/her patient even after contacting blood bank; searching among relatives, family and friends, he/she communicate with our volunteer. After registering the details of patients and relative, we get to our online registered donor database, find a donor nearby the concerned place and convince him to donate blood. Finally, we facilitate fresh blood to the patient. And for this service we don’t charge any amount, just expect your moral support and good wishes.

Blood Donation Campblood camp

Youth For Blood advocates for regular blood donation. Visualizing the need of blood, we communicate and collaborate with different Organizations, Colleges, and Institutions to organize Blood Donation Drives on regular interval. The main purpose behind this advocacy is to make the society free from blood scarcity.

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