Blood Donation

“Fresh Blood Donation”
Basically, facilitating fresh blood to the patient is Youth For Blood’s major daily work. When someone is not able to arrange fresh blood for his/her patient even after contacting blood bank; searching among relatives, family and friends, he/she communicate with our volunteer. After registering the details of patients and relative, we get to our online registered donor database, find a donor nearby the concerned place and convince him to donate blood. Finally, we facilitate fresh blood to the patient. And for this service we don’t charge any amount, just expect your moral support and good wishes.

“Blood Donation Camp”
Youth For Blood advocates for regular blood donation. Visualizing the need of blood, we communicate and collaborate with different Organizations, Colleges, and Institutions to organize Blood Donation Drives on regular interval. The main purpose behind this advocacy is to make the society free from blood scarcity.

Sharing Day:

“Sharing Day” is a program that is held on every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. throughout the different branches of YFB. This is our regular program. On every Saturday, Volunteers, well-wishers, Board Members gather in our office of respective places. This is the best way to join YFB. We share our weekly experiences, future plans/programs of YFB, share different information, ideas, skill which are helpful to enhance someone’s personality. We also present the weekly activities of our organization. Apart from all these, we have a trend of inviting guest/s from different background to share their inspirational and motivational stories. Hope we see you in upcoming sharing “Sharing Day’s”!


 Awareness Program:

“College Awareness Program”
Since 2011, we have been organizing an event entitled “College Awareness Campaign” (CAC). This program is generally focused to educate and aware the youths about the importance of blood donation. This campaign is primarily organized to include the students from +2 and bachelor level. It is mainly a two day event. On first day our volunteers aware the students regarding blood, blood donation and on the other, we organize blood donation camp in the particular college. It has been an effective way to lobby for the increment of blood donors and find new volunteers.

“Street/ Community/Organization Awareness program”
These are the other forms of awareness campaigns that we conduct year according to the need of time. We carry out these programs to make aware mass about the importance of blood and blood donation. These program helps to increase the number of regular blood donors.




On regular intervals, we have been organizing adventurous and refreshing activities for our volunteers. We go for Rafting, Trekking/Hiking, Night Camps, Picnics, etc. on every three months. These recreational activities helps to refresh our volunteers and create a strong bonding between them.

Leadership Training:

In every 2 months, we conduct Volunteer Leadership Training to train youths from different background. We invite guest’s trainer to provide training to the participants on various issues. We also invite motivational speakers and other guests to share their success stories. Participants are divided into groups, provided with group works to learn Team Work. They are taught different skills needed to be a successful Leader.

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