Jay Narayan Rajbanshi, a middle aged man of 40 years, was a resident of Biratnagar, Nepal. He was suffering from blood cancer in 2011 and was admitted to Koshi Zonal Hospital of Biratnagar. His blood group was A+ve and was in need of blood every month. Someone from his family came to know about us and later contacted us. This was the beginning days of our organization. In the duration of 3 months, we had facilitated 12 pints of A+ve blood to him. But unfortunately, he couldn’t recover and later passed away. In those 3 months, we came very close to his family and vice-versa. We were like a family. Sooner after his demise, we got about informed. As we were emotionally attached, we went to the graveyard in his funeral ceremony. Along with his family, we too were in deep shock.
Later many asked the advantage of facilitating blood to him; some even said – “Since he didn’t survive, it got useless to donate him blood.” But we believe what we did was justifiable. The facilitation of blood extended his life span to some extent. At the time, when he was in such condition, his son was in foreign. But due to those 3 months, his son could come back and meet his father for the last time. At least for a short period, but the family could reunite and we were satisfied and happy to say we too were a part of his family and also a small reason for his happiness.

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