A child of two month was brought to Dharan based BPKIHS hospital from Saptari. He was suffering from Jaundice and was in need of AB+ve blood. His parents tried to manage the blood at Dharan based blood bank’s but unfortunately couldn’t. This was a time when we were only limited to Biratnagar. In search of blood, the child’s relatives came to Biratnagar and contacted us at around 6 in the noon.
We did facilitate the blood on the same day. But there came another obstacle. It was about 9p.m. and the baby’s family neither had a vehicle to take the blood back to Dharan nor there was any public buses running to Dharan. Realizing the seriousness and sensitivity of the moment, our volunteers Saroj Karki, Bijay Mandal, Muskan Katwal escorted the blood to Dharan on their motorbikes. And as hoped the child recovered.

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