Who are we?

yfbians group“Youth For Blood” is  a youth-led, non-profitable,service motive Circle of Youths purely devoted  for the welfare of society.Encouraging and inspiring people to donate blood and  providing fresh blood to the needy people without any cost is the real goal of this organization.We feel one day no one in this country will die in scarcity of blood.

    People in need of blood contact us (in case they fail to manage from their family,friend,relatives or blood bank). In such condition,we manage blood donors from our online database,which itself is the Nepal’s largest donor online database   www.ragat.org ,where we have more than 40 hundred donors registered. Since our registration in May 2011, we successfully have saved more than 30 hundred lives and have also brought smiles at the faces of more than 35 hundred families throughout the country.

In this process,starting from Biratnagar,we have widened our network in more than 10 places of places of Nepal like Butwal,Chitwan,Kathmandu,Bhairahawa and so on.And not only these, we are still growing and sooner we will be at all the parts of Nepal.Transforming all the negative rumors regarding blood donation into positive memorandum is also one of the major points of our curriculum.To bring youth in the main stream of society is one of the major objectives of our organization.

What we do?

We mainly carry out three activities: Fresh blood donation,  Blood Awareness and Advocacy on Blood irregularities.

work of yfb

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