• Ronak Agrawal

Ronak agrawal as volunteer of the monthIt was Tuesday, the tenth day of Bijaya Dashami when I got the chance to handle Youth For Blood Morang’s Phone.I didn’t receive any call on that very day.

The next day in the morning I received a call asking for B-ve group. The patient name was Sunita Gurung and she needed the blood for her delivery operation. Her husband, Mr.Tamang searched for that group everywhere but couldn’t find. At last he called on YFB’s phone. I picked up the call and asked him to give me 5 mins to look for it. After that I started making calls in search of the blood group. Finally I found a B-ve donor. Then I called back the blood receiver to inform him about the donor. He thanked me and asked me to call the donorat Blood bank of Devkota chowk. Me and the donor, Mr.Dahal both went to the blood bank and the donordonated his blood. Then Mr.Tamang asked whether he should give anything in exchange for the blood to Mr. Dahal to which I replied ,”You can give a small real juice pack if you want.” Then he went to the shop below the building and bought a small pack worth Rs.25 and also a big pack worth Rs.230 and gave it to our donor, Mr.Dahal. But Mr.Dahal denied to take the big pack and said that he can’t take the big pack as he was fulfilling his responsibility of a human being by saving the life of a person. The best thing Mr.Dahal said to us was “I’ve saved Sunita Tamang’s life by donating my blood. Her relatives and even her own husband couldn’t save her life but being a total stranger I still managed to save her life. This is the beauty of human relations. Human relations is far more important than we actually view it”.

ronak agrawal at yfb officeWhile saving someone’s life we work from early in the morning to late at night without caring about our time. In this way, I connected many blood donors and blood receivers on daily basis.
On a similar fine day, I received a call from blood bank. They were asking for 1 fresh B+ve blood. I contacted one of our B +ve donor, Mr.Sashank Bansal and told him about the need. He immediately agreed to donate. Then I gave his number to blood bank and asked them to call him. After that I became busy with other calls.

Later on, I received a mail from Mr.Sashank Bansal. He sounded very disappointed with blood bank’s facilities.
Mr.Bansal said “I don’t know what standards the blood bank functions on. I went there through your recommendation. I expected a glass of water when I was done with the donation. It doesn’t matter to me, I can afford a good meal after it. But when a person who is below poverty line donates; he may not afford. These negligence oppose donations. If a poor person is offered a good meal after donation. I can guarantee a good amount of donations from the rural areas.”

Though Mr.Bansal was upset with the facility but nevertheless he was happy to save someone’s life. It was great to see him raising voice against such lesser talked issues.

In the course of handling YFB’s phone, I made very good relations with many strangers and also found many new donors.

Ronak agrawal facilitating blood donationIf your own child needs your blood then won’t you donate? Then why not donate it for other’s child? What goes around surely comes around. So Keep donating regularly. It’ll bring smile on someone’s face and wipe out tears of many people.

Register your blood Group and age now and be a reason for someone’s happiness. You can contact Youth For Blood at 9862005225.

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