A newly born infant of four days was admitted to Nobel Medical Hospital of Biratnagar. The infant was suffering from jaundice and his blood group was AB-ve. One day at around 4p.m., we were informed that the child was in need of AB-ve blood. It was someday in 2011. As soon as we got the call, we made several attempts to find a donor but all efforts were in vain. Many AB-ve blood donors ignored citing some stupid excuses. Next morning, baby’s father made a call to us and asked for help. He further said the baby’s condition was getting critical. We then made more attempts to manage a donor and after several attempts we were successful in convincing a donor to donate blood but he said he would be available only after one hour. But after one hour when we tried to reach the family of the infant no one answered our call. Later somehow we managed to reach them and were informed that the infant passed away few moments earlier. Due to some absurd excuses an infant lost his life. If someone had agreed to donate earlier, we might have saved him.
This was also some of the starting days of our journey. This incident taught us several lessons. We knew our journey was not as easy as we had thought. We will find people who will act so irresponsible; will find some more and bigger hurdles on the way.

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