With the beginning of festive season, a state of scarcity of blood gets formed in the society every year. Festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, Eid, etc creates an environment of happiness, enjoyment among the families of society. Every individual and community has their own way of celebration. These festivals refresh people from their daily life. People, too, get in festive mood and celebrate leaving behind their sorrows, works, etc. People visit their elders and relatives, receive and offer blessings, share greeting among friends. The situation at the blood bank during these festivals is very agonizing due to inadequate blood. During festivals, people drink alcoholic beverages heavily and drive vehicle causing the increment of road accidents. Similarly, to celebrate with their dear one’s, people travel to their home town and other places during this season, ultimately this affect the number of regular blood donors. Blood donation drives, too, are not organized on regular intervals during this period. All these create a state of scarcity of blood, which ultimately affect several lives. Besides, many regular blood donors drink alcohol which makes them unfit to donate blood. It also gets difficult to convince the blood donors to donate blood as they are having a quality time with their family. Blood banks too seem to be careless regarding this issue. The works of blood banks seems to be unsatisfied. They don’t encourage and advocate other organizations to carryout blood donation camps in time. In these circumstances, they contact other branches to assist the need of blood. Blood donation camps are organized before the beginning of these festivals so that the shortage of blood doesn’t occur. But all these effort still doesn’t seem enough to remove the dearth of blood from the society. Let’s hope the scenario gets changed in the upcoming days!

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