Shriti Rai was a 7 years old girl residing nearby Janakpur. Just 5 days before her birthday, she unfortunately met an accident. Soon she was brought to Biratnagar and admitted to Neuro hospital. She was in need of AB+ve blood urgently and his father made a call to us to arrange the blood. Luckily one of our volunteer Madan Krishna Pradhan belonged to the same blood group and he agreed to donate blood. We facilitated the blood on the same day. As her condition was very critical, she didn’t survive. Later we were informed about the incident.
After 2 months of this incident, on one night her father made us a call and thank for whatever we did for his daughter. He got very emotional during the conversation. Shriti’s mom had passed away earlier when she was a baby. During the conversation, her father shared his feelings with us; praised our work and wished for our prosperity. At the end he said – “I am in deep shock and will be flying to Qatar tomorrow.” This was some of those incidents which really motivated us to work with more dedication.

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