On 11th of Ashwin 2071, volunteers from YFB (Biratnagar) educated the residents of Biratnagar-15, regarding different aspects of blood donation. “Janapath Library” since its establishment at biratnagar-15 has been organizing an event to exchange wishes and blessings of Dashain among the neighbors. “We believe this type of programs helps to bind the society morally and emotionally”- said Nirmal Tamang, a resident of biratngar-15. The volunteers of YFB Biratnagar distributed the pamphlets and collected the blood donors list. YFB has been organizing community awareness program to educate the residents of different communities regarding the impacts of blood donation in the society. “It was very interesting to watch people, being so keen to know about blood donation. We shared information about blood donation and tried to remove their misconceptions regarding this issue”- added Sabin Dahal, President of YFB.

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