Blood Group Tail



"A life in the surgeon’s hand may be yours. Donate Blood for tomorrow."

दशैँको टिकाको एउटा कष्टकर रात

-भुपेन्द्र काफ्ले | “ हेल्लो ! युथ फर ब्लड । ”  “सर,म लाईफलाईन अस्पताल, दमकबाट बोल्दैछु । मलाई ’ए नेगेटिभ’ रगत चाहीएको छ ।” “ए नेगेटिभ’ रगत भन्नुभयो, त्यो पनि यत्ति राति । पाउन त समस्या हुन्छ त । के भएको बिरामीलाई ?” “ प्रेग्नेन्सी  हो सर, कतै पाइएन । हजुरहरु नै अन्तिम विकल्प हुनुभयो
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    It was late 1 AM at night. My ringing cell phone woke me up from the slumber. I replied unaware of the caller. It was a call for Youth For Blood Jhapa and was for immediate need for B-VE blood for a woman. Abide my duty; I had to check in if I had any donors with the req
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A Living Fighter

Gaurav Thakur is an 8 year child suffering from Thalassemia. He is a resident of Zurkiya, Morang. Since 2011, i.e., our establishment we have been facilitating him 2 pints of AB+ve blood every month. He and his family have been very familiar with us. We are like a same family. His mom
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Saving A Week Old Child

Bhanu Guragain, a resident of Biratnagar, admitted his one week old son to Dharan based BPKIHS hospital. The child was suffering from Jaundice and one pint of B-ve blood was required urgently. There was no blood of this group at Dharan based blood bank’s, so later his family contacted
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Journey To Save A Life

A child of two month was brought to Dharan based BPKIHS hospital from Saptari. He was suffering from Jaundice and was in need of AB+ve blood. His parents tried to manage the blood at Dharan based blood bank’s but unfortunately couldn’t. This was a time when we were only limited to Bir
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Demise Of A Daughter

Shriti Rai was a 7 years old girl residing nearby Janakpur. Just 5 days before her birthday, she unfortunately met an accident. Soon she was brought to Biratnagar and admitted to Neuro hospital. She was in need of AB+ve blood urgently and his father made a call to us to arrange the bl
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A Four Days Child Who Couldn’t Survive

A newly born infant of four days was admitted to Nobel Medical Hospital of Biratnagar. The infant was suffering from jaundice and his blood group was AB-ve. One day at around 4p.m., we were informed that the child was in need of AB-ve blood. It was someday in 2011. As soon as we got t
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Precious Three Months

Jay Narayan Rajbanshi, a middle aged man of 40 years, was a resident of Biratnagar, Nepal. He was suffering from blood cancer in 2011 and was admitted to Koshi Zonal Hospital of Biratnagar. His blood group was A+ve and was in need of blood every month. Someone from his family came to
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Saving Sandesh Palungwa (Success Story)

Sandesh Palungwa,17, from Doku-8, Taplejung, was admitted to Nobel Medical College,Biratnagar after laid down by white looking disease. Doctor declared that he is suffering from anemia and need one pint urgent fresh B+ve blood for the treatment. They went to one of the blood bank bran
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