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YFB Newsletter 6

Download YFB NEWSLETTER issue 6 Festivals and Blood Scarcity With the beginning of festive season, a state of scarcity of blood gets formed in the society every year. Festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, Eid, etc creates an environment of happiness, enjoyment among the families of s
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YFB Newsletter 5

Download YFB NEWSLETTER issue 5   This week we are publishing people’s view about YFB in their words rather than an editorial. Hope you all will be sending us your feedback and support us in our campaign. Come let’s see what people have to say:  
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YFB Newsletter 4

Download YFB Newsletter 4   Editorial – Blood Services In Nepal, the Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) began to provide institution based Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) through the Department of Pathology at Bir Hospital of Kathmandu in 1964 and the first BTS was established
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YFB Newsletter 3

Download issue 3 Editorial Road accident cases seem to be increasing at a high rate, despite the fact we have modern and scientific rules and regulation for road safety. Lots of people are losing their life in road  accidents. In a country like ours poor roads, ill-managed vehicles, i
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YFB Newsletter-2

Download YFB Newsletter issue 2
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YFB Newsletter – 1

Download YFB NewsLetter-1 Welcome all! on the first issue of our newsletter. Please conclude this as our initial try. We are publishing our weekly newsletter. In this first edition, we have covered news and events of this entire August month . We are publishing this news letter to inf
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