अमेरिकाबाट युथ फर ब्लडलाइ सहयाेग

हाल USA Hampshire मा रहनुभएका घनश्याम सुवेदीले युथ फर व्लडलाई ११,१११ रुपैया सहयोग गर्नुभएको छ । युवाहरुले संचालन गरेको स्वयंसेवी अभियानको व्यवस्थापकिय काममा सहयोग पुगोस् भनेर उक्त सहयोग गर्नुभएको उहाँले बताउनुभयो । युथ फर ब्लड केन्द्रिय कमिटीका सचिब सुरज सुवेदीलाई नेपालमा रहनुभएका आफ्नो भाईमार्फत सहयोग उहाँले रकम हस्तांतरण गर्नुभएको हो ।

उहाँको सहयोगको लागी धेरैधेरै धन्यबाद । यसले हामीलाई अझै क्रियाशिल भएर सामाजिक सेवामा लाग्न प्रेरित गरेको छ ।


ghanshyam subediYFB अाफ्नो रगत दिएर अरुको ज्यान बचाउनु सानो काम होइन । YFB मा संलग्न युवाहरुले गरिरहेको जीवन दान को यस्तो कार्य प्रशंसनीय छ । रगत ब्यवस्थापन गराउने यो आभियानले केवल जीवन दानको कार्यमात्र नगरी युवा हरुमा अरुलाई सहयोग् गर्दा हुने
अानन्दनुभुती गर्ने अवसर समेत मिलेको पाँए । रगत उपलब्ध गराएर अर्काको ज्यान बचाउनु ब्यबस्थापिकीय दृष्‍टिकोण बाट पनि सजिलो छैन । अध्ययन को कालमा रहेका युवाहरुमा आवश्यक स्रोत र साधन को अभाब सधै हुन्छ । तर जस्तोसुकै अभावका बाबजूद पनि किन्चित अल्छि नमानी आफ्नो अभियान लाई निरन्तरता दिहीरहेका YFB का आभियन्ता हरुलाई आबस्यक ब्यबथापिकिय काममा थप सयोग पुगोस् भनि सानो सहयोग गरेको हुँ । आशा छ यस्लाई YFB ले स्विकारी
यो महान् कार्यमा मलाइ पनि सामेल गर्नेछ । धन्यवाद ।

-घनश्याम सुबेदी ,U.S.A

Volunteers Join Youth For Blood

Four students enrolled in BSW course at St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu have joined YFB Kathmandu as interns on 15th of Karthik 2071. The interns will involve themselves in several events of YFB and submit their final reports to their respective college. Niranjan Poudel, President of YFB Kathmandu said “Many such students have joined us as interns in our campaign. This is the part of their field report. And we feel happy to see these guys being a part of us.”

Collaboration With Nepal Jaycees

On the occasion of Nepal Jaycees golden jubilee, Youth For Blood and Nepal Jaycees had jointly organized “Mega Blood Donation Program” on 12th November 2014 in Kathmandu. An active volunteer of YFB Kathmandu, Suraj Subedi said “On this occasion, we were able to collect 59 pints of blood. These types of blood donation camps must be conducted on regular interval so that society remains free from blood scarcity.”

Interaction Program With Talak Jung vs Tulke

News - interaction sesssion with TALAK MovieOn 19th Karthik 2071, an interaction program with team of “TALAK JUNG VS TULKE” movie was held at the premises of YFB Damak’s office. The artists’ team had a sharing session with the volunteers of YFB. Artists like Dayahang Rai, Susank Mainali, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Khagendra Lamichanne and Director Nischal Basnet shared their experiences and various other suggestions that are needed and helpful in film and acting sector. The team too donated around 100 books for the library.

College Awareness Campaign

News college awareness campaignYouth For Blood has initiated the College Awareness Campaign at Damak. Starting from 14th of Karthik 2071 at Damak Model College, the caravan of CAC team has reached to Jhapa College, Himalayan H.S. School, Global Educational Academy and Aastha College of Damak. Coming across all these college, we have educated around 4000 students of +2 and Bachelor level. Students deem to be interested to donate blood and this is our achievement. We will take this campaign to other colleges too” added Suman Luitel, Coordinator of College Awareness Campaign.

Participation in Marathon Event

News MarathonVolunteers from YFB (Duhabi) made their participation in the Marathon organized by Area Police Duhabi. The Marathon was held on 6th Ashoj 2071 the occasion of Police Day. YFBians Rikesh Mishra, Pankaj Dutta, Bikash Sawarnakar, Lalit Jha, Rajiv Bhujel and Sanjay Malik participated in the 6 km Marathon. “People are suffering from several health problems these days due to lack of proper exercise and hectic schedule. So it’s good for our body to participate in such events and continue in day-to-day life.” said Pankaj Dutta, a participant from YFB.

Volunteer Leadership Training

On 30th of Mangsir 2071 YFB (Jhapa) in coordination with “Damak Shahitik Manch” had organized Volunteer Leadership Training (VLT). The training was sponsored by Divine Hub Educational Institute. YFB has been organizing such trainings on every 3 months to train our volunteers and other youths from different background. The Leadership Training was of 3 days; 2 days of indoor training and 1 day of outdoor training. The training consisted of 105 participants from vivid background. On the first two days of the training, Nabin Prachin, Beshraj Neupane, Damber Nepali and Saroj Karki took sessions to train and motivate the participants regarding the skills needed to be a successful leader. Susmita Rajbansi was the coordinator of the indoor session of VLT. Similarly, on the third day of VLT, participants were taken for outdoor training session to Satashidham on hiking. “This outdoor session was conducted to teach the participants about social volunteering. There were 150 participants and we collected the waste that were on our way and disposed it later.” said Gaurav Rai, coordinator of the outdoor session of VLT.

Signature and Blood Awareness Campaign

News signature and blood awareness campaignOn 12th of Karthik, 2071 the occasion of Chhath, YFB (Duhabi) had organized “Signature and Blood Awareness Campaign” near the bank of Budhi River to make people known about blood donation and YFB and also to collect blood donor data list. Dipesh Shrestha, coordinator of this campaign said “We were successful in our campaign. More than 200 people registered themselves to donate blood. Similarly, 250 signatures were collected supporting our campaign and we were able to reach more than 500 people. It was great to watch people being interested to lend their time to us. Hope this will help us in fulfilling our real goal.”

Community Awareness at Biratnagar

On 11th of Ashwin 2071, volunteers from YFB (Biratnagar) educated the residents of Biratnagar-15, regarding different aspects of blood donation. “Janapath Library” since its establishment at biratnagar-15 has been organizing an event to exchange wishes and blessings of Dashain among the neighbors. “We believe this type of programs helps to bind the society morally and emotionally”- said Nirmal Tamang, a resident of biratngar-15. The volunteers of YFB Biratnagar distributed the pamphlets and collected the blood donors list. YFB has been organizing community awareness program to educate the residents of different communities regarding the impacts of blood donation in the society. “It was very interesting to watch people, being so keen to know about blood donation. We shared information about blood donation and tried to remove their misconceptions regarding this issue”- added Sabin Dahal, President of YFB.

The eNGO Challenge Award 2014

eNGO challenge award to Youth for bloodYouth For Blood has won ‘The 3rd eNGO Challenge South Asia Award 2014’ in the category of ‘Best Practices of Social Media’. Public Interest Registry (PIR) and Digital Empowerment Foundation, India (DEF) jointly in co-ordination with other organizations have been organizing this award since 2011 to promote and encourage best ICT practices by NGOs for community development. The event was held on 5th November, 2014 at India Habitat Center, New Delhi. More than 400 NGO’s from different background from South Asia participated in the event.

Youth For Blood was the only Nepali organization to be among the finalist and to win. Saroj Karki, Founder and Past-President of YFB and Ankit Das, Volunteer Co-coordinator of YFB (Biratnagar) represented YFB in the award ceremony and received the award too. Along with the award, a lump sum cheque of INR. 50,000; a mini IPAD and certificates. “It was a tough task to represent YFB at such a grand level. Besides the achievement, I got lots to experience. Congratulations to all and thank you YFB for this opportunity” said Ankit Das. Similarly, Saroj Karki added “It is a big achievement and a milestone for everyone who is or has been a part of YFB. This award had motivated and encouraged us to work with more determination. Thank you everyone!”