blood relationIn today’s world, no one is safe. We may be In need of blood anytime and the blood banks may run out of stock at the same moment. Sometimes we may need blood as a backup before some treatment, sometimes we may not find blood of same blood group as needed from any sources. At this point we need someone who can donate blood for us. Before donating blood, many people get nervous and many have several questions going on in their mind. Among them, some are:


  • Who can donate blood?

People in between (18 – 60) years of age group and weighing above 50 Kg are considered to donate blood.

  • What is a process to donate blood?”

One must not be suffering from any long-term disease or taking any long-term medicine. S/He must not be involved in any unsafe sexual behavior or should have taken any anti biotic in the past 1 week of time interval. Similarly, she/he should not have undergone any severe surgery. Moreover, you need to visit the nearby blood bank or the blood donation program to donate blood. There are lot more criteria’s but above are the basics one. You need to fulfill those conditions to donate blood.

  • In what interval of time can one donate blood?”

A healthy person can donate blood in a regular interval of 3 months.

  • Does it affect our health?”

No, it definitely doesn’t affect the blood donors’ health. In fact, new blood gets formed in the body of an individual, increasing the immune system of the body. It makes a person healthier.

  • What is a benefit of donating blood?”

The major benefit to donate the blood is the self-satisfaction. In addition to this, a person remains healthy and acquires a healthy immune system.

  • How will YFB reach to me if I am willing to donate my blood?

If you are willing to donate blood, you will first have to register to YFB’s online blood donor database at or may contact the nearby YFB office. Once you come across this, you will get a call from us whenever blood is required.

  • Why should one donate blood through YFB?

If you want to donate blood, it’s not necessary to go through us. If you come through us, you can donate blood in a safe way.


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