Blood is usually the red fluid, consisting of plasma, red and white blood cells, etc. that circulates through the heart, arteries, and veins of vertebrates. No matter what blood group you belong to, there is always a need of blood. It’s something that anyone may need any time suddenly. Many people die; many families loses their beloved one everyday in scarcity of blood.


Types of blood:

blood typesBlood is mainly of 8 types: B+ve, A+ve, O+ve, AB+ve, B-ve, A-ve, O-ve & AB-ve. Generally, people of negative blood group are very difficult to find. If yours blood group is positive, there are many people who are in need of blood but if it’s negative there are probably fewer people who are in need of such blood.


Blood Donation/Transfusion:

blood bag

According to a research made in Nepal, it is found that if only 2% of the entire population of Nepal, i.e., 1,75,000 people donates blood regularly then our nation can be free from blood scarcity. But it’s a misfortune, only 65,000 people donate blood yearly whereas 1,10,000 people are still required to donate blood on regular basis.

A single pint of blood donation can be useful in saving 3 lives if the components of blood:RBC, WBC, Platelets are separated. Blood donation are generally made at blood banks. Moreover, people too can donate blood at different blood donation programs held at time to time. Similarly, one can check his blood group at blood banks. A healthy  male can donate blood in every 3 months whereas a female can donate blood in every 5 months.

People generally have the concept that as in movies blood can be donated instantly, but it’s not true. After the blood is donated, the blood goes to the lab of blood bank where it is cross matched with the blood of patient’s blood. Moreover, other laboratories  tests like HIV infection, Hepatitis – A & C, Syphilis, etc are made in order to ensure that that the blood donor isn’t infected from these virus. Once all the tests are done, the blood is handed over to the patient’s relatives charging some money. For all this entire process, 1 hour(approx) time is taken.


Blood Donation Criteria:

donate-bloodPeople in between (18 – 60) years of age group and weighing above 50 K.G. are considered to donate blood. Moreover, the blood pressure must be in normal range. The blood donor must be free from diseases like Diabetes, Typhoid, Jaundice, Tuberculosis and so on. Similarly, he/she must not have used any antibiotic medicines in the interval of past 1 week. Apart these, he/she must not have undergone any serious surgery in the past 3 years. In case of girls, they can donate blood only after 1 week of ending of menstruation period. They can’t donate blood during the menstruation period or it’s to start in 1 week.

People willing to donate blood should be using drugs or involved in unsafe sexual behaviour. People having ‘Tattoos’ in their body parts too can’t donate blood.

If you are free from all these and are capable to donate blood, get to your nearby blood banks or blood donation programs and donate blood. Keeping the blood banks full may help you in future!!

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