awardsConsidering our work and its impact on society and nation as well, several organizations, institutions and government sectors have honored us. We feel proud and privileged to accept them. The following are the list of some:

  1. Lions Club Of Biratnagar
  2. International Nepalese Blood Donor
  3. Biratnagar Metropolitan city
  4. District Development office Morang
  5. Leo Multiple District Council, MD 325,Nepal
  6. Blood For Heart by Heart beat 2014
  7. Jaycees Award 2014
  8. The eNGO Challenge award 2014, New Delhi
  9. Shree Prasad Divyaraj Dahal Smriti Kosh 2017
  10. Nepal Teacher Association .
  11. Dahal Pratisthan Biratnagar

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