FAQ (frequently asked question)

Here are some frequently asked questions about our campaign:
[acc_item title=”Is Youth For Blood (YFB) an NGO?”]
Yes, YFB is a youth lead social, Non-Government Organization  registered under Nepal Government and Social Welfare Committee.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Is it a profit making organization?”]No, YFB is a non-profitable youth organization working for the welfare of the society since its May 2011.
[acc_item title=”How is YFB Financially supported?”]
As YFB is a non-profit making organization, it’s hard to run on financial ground. Recognizing this and our work, our well-wishers and volunteers help us financially. Similarly, some other organizations too sponsor our events and programs. But, we encourage individuals to support us.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”I want to support YFB. How can I?”]
One can help/support our organization by three means: By donating blood and encouraging others to donate blood regularly, by Volunteering and making presence in our programs and events and lastly by financial ways like providing us mobile balance; making available the resources required to run an office (Check the list of resources required (Check our Need List) also through our bank accounts.
[acc_item title=”Does one need to pay to get your services?”]
No, you don’t need to pay to get our services. We are a service motive organization volunteering for the welfare of society.
[acc_item title=”Who is running the organization?”]
Youths and students having keen interests in social work are running our organization.
[acc_item title=”Is there any age bound to join the organization?”]
No, people of any age group can be a part of our organization. People below 18 years of age are the part of YFB Junior and above 30 years of age are the part of YFB Senior and people in between 18 years and 30 years are the part of YFB.
[acc_item title=”Is this organization getting any foreign financial aid?”]
No, we are solely supported by Nepalese people residing in different parts of the world.
[acc_item title=”What is a process to start YFB at my own place?”]
To start YFB, firstly you need to know the condition of blood and the requirement of blood from the blood bank established at your place. Then, you will have to form a circle who is interested to work in this field and give the circle a proper shape of board in coordination with center office of YFB. The center office of Youth For Blood is at Biratnagar. You can find the contact name, person from ‘Contact Us’ page at www.youthforblood.org

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