Bittu Chemjong Vice president (YFB JHAPA)

It was late 1 AM at night. My ringing cell phone woke me up from the slumber. I replied unaware of the caller. It was a call for Youth For Blood Jhapa and was for immediate need for B-VE blood for a woman. Abide my duty; I had to check in if I had any donors with the required blood group in our data base. I was not surprised not to find any available donors as it is always difficult to find the negative blood group and more when it is midnight. By now, I was already in rush and panicking if I could really manage blood for her. I had very few options and little hope. I had to call my fellow group members for if they had any donors available in their contacts, amidst this rush, I was lucky enough to find a man of big heart from Urlabari and he had no any means to get into the hospital. A patient relative managed ambulance and we were off in a flash to receive the donor. By then, it was already 3 AM. Following this short phase of obstacles and hurdles, we were successful saving a life. There are many hidden stories behind this life saving campaign.

Our cell phone continuously rings whenever someone is in needs of fresh blood and whenever there are no stock blood left in the Red Cross Society. Likewise, it was winter morning and our cell phone was ringing for another fresh blood donation. Soon, I received the call I was in a rush for seeking the respective blood donors. It was AB+ve for a man injured in an accident. He was admitted in the hospital and was in a crucial stage between life and Death. Regarding the blood he needed, I called my near friends but, unfortunately some of them were out of the city and some had already donated. I was worried as the man had very less time left for surgery. I didn’t leave a single chance to find the blood but, my effort was not hard enough for managing the blood. Suddenly, I remembered one man, who had contacted us few days back. He was interested to donate his AB+ve blood whenever there is any urgent need for the same blood group. After making every possible effort we somehow managed to save a life. Same day we got another call from the patient’s relative. He was so much desperate that he was not even able to interpret the situation he was going through. He was in urgent need of A-ve blood for his pregnant wife admitted in the hospital. We were off to facilitate another fresh blood donation. But, we were quite surprised by the patient’s story. It was unfamiliar experience for all of us. The Patient was in urgent need of A-ve blood because of complication in her pregnancy. Her husband was in miserable state, he was begging everyone for the blood. Only hope he had at that moment was Youth for Blood Jhapa. We asked him whether his family member had same blood group (A-ve) or not. Later, we found out that his sister has same blood group. But, she was denying donating her blood. We tried our best to convince her but, she was not ready. Reason behind her denial was quite shocking. Her brother marriage was against their religion, every family member had boycotted her brother from their family because he had married a girl from another religion. We were speechless. It was very difficult to see such superstitious in this current age and even more when elder sister was not interested to donate her blood to her sister in law only because she was from another religion. Patient was in urgent need of blood, as time was running out for her surgery. Our team started calling ready donors. We had now taken the responsibility of the patient as blood facilitator and as a family member. We made every best possible move to find the blood. After having a surge of anxiety we found one donor, he was like a god for us and for the patient too. That moment was full of ecstasy for both patient and for us. We felt so much fortunate to save her life and to give the patient and her baby a bracing life and yes, again we got another successful story of saving a life and trust me there is no pleasure in this world above this noble deed.

We (Youth For Blood Jhapa) have been through similar situation on the daily routine base. Many supportive hands (Volunteers) work together to save lives. With the inflated selfishness every volunteer contribute to aid the needy people with fresh blood at right instant. Every day, every week and every month we Youth For Blood Jhapa prepare ourselves to face such critical events and to live our dreams. Dreams of accessing the blood donors in need, not only for the region but for the entire nation and make a blood scarcity free nation.

Three years back we commenced our journey “Youth For Blood Jhapa”, Initially we were limited and so were our source. But, the only ample thing we had was the hope, trust, unity and vision. Different plans and ideas were coming into implementation to make our organization more effective. People were not aware about the aims and objectives behind the establishment of such noble cause that we had in our mind. History always suggested the dismal condition of blood insufficiency in our region. Hospitals and health staffs had to channelize the message of blood scarcity for so long that the patient in need further deteriorated the declining health state. We were compelled to ponder over the ongoing condition of blood insufficiency. Concerned about these situations, we decided to establish Youth For Blood in Jhapa as “Youth For Blood Jhapa”. Youth for Blood Biratnagar, the initiator of this organization had supported us to commence the organization. They were the only inspiration and the source of motivation that we had in our early days.

It all started with a cell phone (ph 9817976211) and a few helping hands. Nevertheless, our tiny ray of hope, hard work and dedication was always with us and we were more than ready and that was all we needed. Since, day one our work started to save lives. It was not easy when we began our journey. We were short of youths (Volunteers) and finance too. A cell phone was never enough to bring our journey to reach the people and get in touch with them. The only aim of that cell phone was to aid with fresh blood for the needy ones.

It seemed to work. Infact, we were already in course of achievement and success. Our team started getting all it aimed for. Whenever there was scarcity of blood in Red Cross and whenever people lacked fresh blood, they started calling us. That silent cell phone was ringing louder than ever before. Along with rapidly increasing phone calls, volunteers were alert in searching for fresh blood either from their close contacts or from other best possible sources. Our volunteers always gave and are still giving their best to fulfill needs at right instant. Different programmes are being launched such as (Blood Donation Awareness campaign, College Awareness Campaign, Street Awareness Campaign and Volunteer Leadership Training). It was quite effective to set an introductory example for the people and well-established organizations. In no time our journey intrigues many youths from different colleges and localities. It started growing bigger and bigger. As the days passed by, other supportive hands emerged to assist us.

We are well-aware that every organization needs financial support to move on and to run its programmes. All organizations have their fund collected either from donation or from any other possible sources. But, we are unalike from others in running our organization. We neither spread hands for charity nor donations to sustain our organization. Volunteers save money from their daily basics and expenses, with this we have managed to run our organization. Despite the satisfactory financial conditions we are still active enough with our activities and determination to serve the needy ones.

To date we have donated 2200+ pint bloods and save 3000+ lives and this number is increasing day by day and aimed to donate 200000 pint blood bt 2020. We are no more bounded to the limited area. We are now in Biratnagar, Itahari, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Lumbini, Chitwan and Jhapa as well and aimed to spread in 30 districts of Nepal by 2020. We have five major Slogans that we work on i.e.

  • Fresh Blood Donation
  • Youth empowerment
  • Advocacy on Blood irregularity
  • Blood Awareness and
  • Social Volunteering.

Every year we conduct Volunteer Leadership Training for all the students aiming to develop leadership in them and to build speaking too. We also conduct college Awareness Campaign and Community Awareness Campaign, in all the colleges to aware students and to inspire people in community to donate blood respectively.

For us it was just like a fantasy to establish Youth For Blood Jhapa, when we were just starting. But, it was not less than a miracle witnessing the transformation of this fantasy into a living truth. And it was all possible because of the youths who joined their hands and walked side by side to make this organization worth of what it is today.  We faced many challenges and obstacles and are still in a same course that compelled us to think, how far can we lead ourselves from here. We, take pride for where we stand today looking back to where we started from. They say “Where there is a will, there is a way”. We set an example of this saying. Now, we are stronger than before and have hundreds of hands and thousands of well-wishers who give us reason to work and strength to move forward. Every volunteer is giving their best for this noble cause. We are well aware that such journey never ends up at the certain point; it should keep on moving and growing every moment. We youths being nation’s pillar it’s our prime duty and responsibility to bring healthy changes, and life saving phenomenon is not a bad procedure.


                             We are still on the way to our living Dreams.

                                     Dreams of Blood Scarcity free Nation.

                                                  Together we stand

                                                Youth For Blood Jhapa.











Bittu Chemjong Limbu
Vice president (YFB JHAPA)


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